What we do

Primed Talent Limited was incorporated in 2016 in the heart of London to address the growing challenges in the talent supply chain - to create a strong pipeline of talent to ensure that our workforce has the right skills for the current and future industrial cycles.

We start early. For kids, we focus on making them learn Math, English & Coding skills via 1:1 Live tutoring. This lays a strong foundation for their future careers, while enhancing their math, logic and structuring skills and boosting their overall academic performance during the school years! The intent is for them to acquire a future skill which will ensure that they stay relevant always. There is a high likelihood of them becoming job creators rather than job seekers!

On the Professional front, we help our customers enhance the Efficiency & Effectiveness of their Talent Supply Chain. Via our Talent & Training and Content & Tech Solutions. On the Talent side, we leverage our innovative Assessment & Profiling tool (iPAT) to enhance the “consideration set” of eligible candidates by 12% - 15%. We help our Clients recruit candidates for whom the job is aspirational and also recommend whether they are better suited for “rule based” or “judgement based” jobs, resulting in reduced attrition and better performance.

On the Training side, we leverage Skill Tech (and Ed Tech) to unlock Talent Potential! We leverage Global partnerships and in house capability to offer scalable solutions to our clients. These solutions are powered by an optimal blend of Human and Digital offerings and are embedded with our unique learning methodology.

It’s our belief that Content is key to the learning process and Tech is a strong enabler for effective outcomes. We have developed key insights to designing and developing engaging, interactive and personalised content and have leveraged technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the same. Our comfort with Digital Content & Technology, in general, led us to seamlessly expand into the world of Digital Marketing where we focus on brand building and lead generation education/skill providers and small businesses.

“We continue to Learn. Continue to Innovate. Continue to Impact Lives.”

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Talent Solutions

Helping our clients to focus and grow their core business while we take care of their Manpower Requirements and we are collaborating organizations with AWS for its re/Start program

Education & Skills

We deal with learners at various stages - from kid to corporate employees to impart effective learning!

Digital Services

Sit back and relax while our skilled pool takes care of all your software and digital needs!